Month: May 2016

DofE and Scheepjes

For over a year now I have been saying I was going to start a blog about the antics of my wife and her crocheting.

From the “No I don’t believe it,” (when she suddenly realises there is a sale on of yarn) to the tears in her eyes when she has to “frog” back a few rows of the most complicated pattern she has ever tried as she missed a treble. Then we have the hand up when the daughter needs to ask something but, it is not as important as the counting which gets louder and louder. The list is endless and I know I am not alone as a partner who has all of this in their lives. Then again I wouldn’t change any of it including all the boxes of yarns (esp. when she makes you a star wars blanket). 😉

Let me take you back a few years when the daughter was doing the DofE.

For those who don’t know about the DofE there are 3 levels: Bronze, Sliver and Gold. Each level gets harder with the Gold being the toughest. There are different parts to qualify which include: a new skill, volunteering, going on a residential were you only know a maximum of 4% of the people there. As well as a 5 day 4 nights trek (arguably the most challenging part of the DofE) which the daughter done around Glencoe in Scotland with 5 other young people. This is tough on any young person who does it and is meant to be challenging on them and makes the award something to be proud of.

Moving forward to last year the wife decided to do the Scheepjes 2015 cal, a beautiful shawl, designed by Annelies Baes called ‘Flight of Fancy’. She loved making this and when it was finished – blocked, it was put away for the right occasion.

blog 1

Rachel at Hillsborough Castle before the Presentation


In April the daughter got a letter about her receiving the Gold award and was to attend the award ceremony in Hillsborough Castle. Tradition goes that during the ceremony the recipients would be visited by a member of the Royal Family; with it commonly being either the Duke of Edinburgh (as he was the one to start the awards in the first place) or his son Prince Edward. The excitement started for the wife and daughter as they had to figure out what to wear. One month to prepare and it was decided that the daughter would wear the Flight of Fancy shawl over her dress.

blog 4

Flight of Fancy Shawl, Invitation and Presentation Booklet.

The day arrived and we still didn’t know who the Royal guest would be as it was being kept a tight secret.  We found out at the castle that it would be the Duke of Edinburgh himself. He was flying in specifically for the presentation and it was very exciting! Everything went according to plan with the Duke of Edinburgh spending time and talking to those getting the awards and the wife being asked by a few people who done the crocheting and loving the shawl.

All I will say is I can now see more yarn being bought and more counting out loud.;-)

blog 2

Rachel outside the Castle just before we go in.

blog 3

A walk around the gardens after the presentation.


Rachel after the award with her certificate.

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