Month: June 2016

Stash or Secret

First of all can I ask do you have a stash of yarn? Or do you have two stashes of yarn? (one that everyone knows about and a secret one). Where do you keep it?  Do you have a room just for yarn or for crocheting?  Is a room just not big enough?  Is it neatly packed on shelves or in boxes?

Let me take you on a trip through our house. Spot one: the spare bedroom. This room contains four large boxes and four small boxes full of different yarn (Drops, Ice, Stylecraft etc). Spot two: by the computer. Four shelves, one box and one box along with her latest cal (crochet along). Spot three: the favorite chair. With one tray and three bags with double-knit, aran, cotton etc, in them (you know the score). I just want to know is this normal?  Or am I lucky as there is no secret stash? I cannot complain as I have a garage full of tools , screws, nuts, bolts, nails and other odds and ends that I might need or could come in handy one day.


I never knew there were so many colours of yarn. I saw a cal this week that had over forty colours in it. I used to think green was green and red was red. Not at all, green can mean olive, light, dark, lime, opal, laurel etc, Red can mean matador, claret, lipstick, wine, scarlet, etc.I am sure there is a reason for all this. What colours goes with what colours? More help on that later.

Talking of different colours of yarn – panic hit this house a few days ago. Why? Not enough black to finish a new design the wife was working on. The daughter was sent to check all the boxes of yarn, no joy! I was then sent to make sure the daughter had not missed a ball of black, still no joy! This sent the wife into shopping mode on to wool warehouse and looking for her debit cards, me offering to go to the wool shop. Just as she was about to order she was hit by an idea. This time the daughter was sent to check her odds and ends bag, what joy!! A small ball of black just enough to finish the project. We were all winners. The wife could finish, the daughter could go back to doing her own thing and I would not be picking up another box of yarn from the postoffice as “you cannot just order one ball”.

As mentioned above the wife has now decided to make different coloured pegs of all the different colours in the brands that she uses at the minute she is working on Stylecraft Special DK (82 different colours), thankfully she had said she doesn’t need to buy 82 balls of yarn as she has a lot of them already (see what I mean about stash).  What she is doing is when she has finished a project, or has a bit of one colour left she wraps it round a wooden peg.

First step she clips the end in the spring piece of the peg.


Then she winds the yarn neatly around the peg.


Once she has enough yarn on the peg she threads the other end through the yarn already on the peg to make it secure.


Then she adds the name of the shade on one side of the peg and the shade number on the other side.


So far she has 11 made (only 71 more to go).


TENSION is all Around

Tensions are starting to build as we look to the summer of sport throughout the world. Some of the big sporting events only interest certain people in certain areas. Take for example  Euro 2016. Although there will be some interest from outside Europe there will be more interest in Europe. Tensions will be growing between people from different county’s supporting different teams.


As for the tension on crocheting work it’s a different ball game! Get it wrong and there will be lots of frogging (a bad word in our house) as I am the one who has to wind the yarn up! How about you? Do you have problems with your tension? If you are doing your own thing does it matter that much? I do not think it does (I could be wrong, I will see what the wife says).

I have seen and heard of people being driven to distraction on certain patterns and I know it can make a big difference. The wife showed me two triangles she had crocheted at different tensions and there was a centimeter difference in them. So if it happens on a blanket/afghan a single size blanket could go to a double blanket no problem.


Tensions will also be mounting for the Olympics. Will records be broken? Who will win the most gold medals? Are you going to get the flags and bunting out and join in supporting your favourite team or sports person and scream encouragement at the tv (we are all good at that). I do it to the point that I have made people jump! And now this year I have my own bunting to wave, which the wife made for the Euro 16. The pattern she wrote will show you how easy it is to make and she made it in 3 days – still time to make for the Kick off.

Pattern can be found at –


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