Month: July 2016



That seems a funny title to some, no it’s not a decision about a snack, but others will know what I will be talking about, let me explain. Frogging (a bad word in our house) is when you spot a mistake in your crocheting project and have to rip the yarn back to the mistake to sort out. Fudge, to most people, is a lovely sweet which melts in the mouth (I love most types). Fudge covered in chocolate is great but chocolate flavoured fudge is not for me (is it just me?). But in crocheting terms fudge is when you see the same mistake but do not frog it back. Instead you work out a way to add or subtract stitches in the next row to make it all right.

Then there is that look, what look? Not the ‘you’re in trouble look’, but the ‘I’ve spotted a mistake in the latest project’ look. What happens next??  Decisions, decisions can she fudge it or does she start frogging it? After thinking about it for a few minutes the decision is made, the project was frogged, after all it was only two small rows. Safe again, peace and calm restored to the household.


How about you? Do you fudge? Can you let a mistake go? Do you ask who will know? If it is only for you does it matter that much? After all who else will see it? Or are you one of those people who can never  let a mistake go? How far is to far? If the mistake is two or three rows back will you still frog it? But if its 6 or 7 are you still going to frog?. I heard of someone a few weeks ago spotted a mistake at the start of a shawl they had done when it was finished – they were not going to start frogging!! You could be of course one of those people who never makes mistakes.

If that was my only experience of frogging or fudging in the last few weeks the blog may have ended here, but no there is more. More you say? Read on. The better half has been doing a cal for fourteen weeks and all had gone well for those fourteen weeks. Then came week fifteen, all was going well when I saw that look again. This time it was a harder decision because it was a border she was doing which would mean a lot more frogging!! This time the decision was made to fudge. No one would know, except for the hundreds  who would read this blog (there is nowhere to hide). Out came the mathematician who worked out what to add to the next row to make it right. Happy days, on she carried. after she had done the next few rows you could see it was starting to work on her. The wheels were turning in side her head. From time to time I could see steam coming from her head, it was just not sitting right with her. Every time it came round to the fudge it got worse until she could not take it any more, the frogging had to start. My help was needed with this. So frogged it was!! We could have saved so much time if it was done sooner.  All be warned fudging it can cause more pain. All’s well that ends well, the cal is finished and looks great.

meadow 2

Drops 2016 Cal – The Meadow

A crochet ambassador and pegs

Are you a crocheting ambassador? What do I mean by this? I know some of you take your crochet wherever you go. Some would even say “if my crocheting is not coming then neither am I”.My wife takes one of her latest projects wherever we go.

Recently we went to a gardening center to have breakfast and meet with friends to talk about one of our other hobbies – geocaching, a modern-day treasure hunt (you can get all the information from if you’re interested). Back to the breakfast, which was very nice. While I was talking about geocaching the wife was talking to a knitter, who did a bit of crocheting, about a half treble. I was sent back to the car to get the crocheting bag to show one and all her latest project (geocaching related). This also ment she could give “Mrs C.” a demo of the half treble.


When we go geocaching I do a lot of walking so the wife stops in the car crocheting. If I am going on a long walk then the wife stays at home crocheting. Which is a win win situation for both of us.

In geocaching there is also trackables which you can either find in geocaches or at meetings (events).  The wife decided she was going to make a trackable which was crochted. Pattern for the cushion cover is found under blog Trackable Geocaching Cushion

It is a graph of the free geocaching logo and she uses 6 different colours so you will need pegs. Pegs are a wonderful thing!! They have more than one use (which I am glad about). Which means you do not have to have lots of balls of yarn on the go, instead you have lots of pegs on the go. This means you stop the yarn from getting all tangled up, or do you have some other contraption to stop this? I have seen some of these, but I do not think I could make one. I remember the bad old days when I was called upon time after time to untangle the balls of yarn. Then having to shout at the wife (more than once) to stop crocheting unless she wanted my fingers to be part of it!! To which came the reply “I was in the zone” or “I have a good rhythm going” (apparently once you are there you do not want to stop). Now because of the pegs I am not called upon that often. Happy days.

Pegs, pegs glorious pegs, they are just great aren’t they? I wonder if the person who invented pegs would have known how useful they would be to crocheters? We showed  in the last blog one of the ways to use pegs in crocheting, in this pattern they are used again in a different way. Are there other ways you use pegs in crocheting? If there is please let us know.