Month: September 2016

Follow You Follow Me Follow Who?

Thinking about things this week after getting a post from a friend on Facebook which read “only 100 sleeps to christmas”.


I think some people look forward to certain times of the year like Christmas or Easter or a date like a birthday or anniversary. Others cannot wait for the latest release or new season of their favorite tv program. Once that is over they start waiting for the next one.

In the crocheting world this is the same. Some people follow the latest cal (crochet along ) or follow certain designers or groups. There is nothing wrong with that, others search the internet for the latest trends or for stitches they have not used before. Some stick to what they know others push the boundaries. Which do you do? Do you follow or are you followed?

I never thought that people would follow me, but they do (thank you). It could have something to do with the free patterns that are published here or maybe it is the blog posts themselves. (There will be another free pattern given at the end of this blog post).

People from fourteen different countries (USA, Denmark, Russia and Malaysia to name a few) have looked at this blog, which is amazing. I think a lot of crocheters put themselves down, they think they could not do a blog or a pattern or help other crocheters. I say you can. Do it, try it. You will be pleasantly surprised as I was. If it does not work what have you lost? A bit of time?  If you do decide to write a blog etc. let me know.

I remember when my wife started to think about sharing her patterns etc, “I said go for it, give it a try, why not”. To see the look on her face when someone downloaded one of her patterns was as they say ‘priceless’. The excitment she felt when someone bought a pattern and then after making it gave a five-star review.( I have a talented wife). . Do not think you cannot but you can.It could be you – give it a go.

An update from a previous blog – I have found a good use for pegs – you will not belive it, they are good for hanging out the washing on the line.


Do not tell the wife I had to steal a pack from her crocheting stash (she has not noticed yet).  Also don’t mention chopsticks to the wife all will be revealed in a future blog.

That’s all for now and as promised the wife has been busy making a new pattern – a scarf pattern – (the daughter is running around the house with the scarf on as she loves the feel of the yarn, she also has claimed it to take back to Uni with her). Hope you enjoy the pattern.





Sitting here this week wondering what I should write – it is not that I do not have anything to say, but more like which story to tell this week. Should I tell about the desperate call from a cousin?  To cal or not to cal that is not the question or who do you follow?  What do chop sticks have to do with crocheting?  Or The Irish Mammy –  the one I have chosen. The other stories will follow soon just watch this space

This is the story of how my wife got the nickname and how some of her crocheting has gone all around the world. Do you have a nickname? To some it brings back fond memories of old friends, to others it brings back bad memories. The Irish Mammy will always bring back good memories.

It all started a few years ago when the daughter went to Uni. Making friends was no problem (I must say at this point if you knew our daughter the two things you could depend upon would be for her not to just join up with fellow students from Northern Ireland and have them as friends or, not to just make friends with the locals in England.  The daughter has an adventurous spirit and as we were told this week she will never be bored with life and will always find something to keep her adventurous spirit alive and this includes making friends from all over the world). This was the case when she went to uni. After a few weeks we heard of friends from Nigeria, the USA, Australia, Russia and Malaysia to name but a few. over the last few years through having visitors to our home, phone conversations, Skype etc, the wife has been given the nick name of The Irish Mammy and our family has grown about 10 fold. Which is not surprising as she does go round like a mother hen, looking after others, mothering them.

To bring this back to crocheting now that you know a bit of the back story the wife crochet’s and makes patterns for her love of crocheting and she never expected her crocheting to be going all over the world but via the nickname of The Irish Mammy this is what has and is happening.

I would just like to share some of the projects that have traveled far and wide, sharing photos with a small explanation as to were they are and how they got there.



This was made for one of our daughters uni friends who spent Christmas with us and was made for her as her Christmas present.  I have been told that since giving the shawl it has been worn a lot around campus and at the minute is in Nigeria and will soon be traveling to Canada.



This is one of the wife’s own patterns and can be found at

Etsy   or  Ravelry

We had another of the daughter’s friends staying with us and this friend had bought a lot of our local pottery to take home to her family in Russia.  They had been well wrapped by the pottery studio but still needed a special bag for them to travel to Russia.  The wife came to the rescue with her jute bag and by all accounts is loved by her friends and family as much as the pottery is.



A WIP which will be finished and packed up for the daughter to take back to uni at the end of the month to give to her Russian friend.  This came about as while the friend was staying with us the Irish Mammy asked her what she would like and the daughters Russian friend promptly said a poncho the same as the daughter’s



This has a story all of its own and will be in a future blog.  The wife liked the Catherine Wheel stitch and decided to make up a lovely warm blanket in 7 colours of Stylecraft Special DK which she would also write a pattern for to put on the blog.  Some of the summer has been spent crocheting the blanket.  She was working on this when we had an unexpected visit from good friends from America who also have a home in Ireland.  They fell in love with it as soon as they seen it. Now once it is finished it will either be travelling to America or will be staying in their home in Ireland.


The last piece of crocheting I want to mention hasn’t been decided on yet but when it is made it will be winging its way to Malaysia, to another adopted daughter of the Irish Mammy. (Maybe we should change the wife’s Etsy and Ravelry shops to The Irish Mammy instead of 2nd Bench Along, this name has also a special place in her heart but that is another blog post).

2nd bench along photo