Yes she’s gone, flew the nest, on her travels. What is he talking about I here you cry? Am I talking about the daughter off to uni? (which she is. Peace at last). No I am talking of the poncho which she took with her for one of her friends, which is going down well as the friends flat is cold and is wearing it a lot!!


On to another subject can anybody tell me why is it that the next project that the wife starts always has to be done in the yarn that is at the bottom of the pile or is the hardest to get out?  Or has to be done in yarn the wife does not have. Which means a trip to the yarn shop or an order on-line? (why??) All this has nothing to do with this weeks blog, but it just ties in nicely with the – ‘To go project’.

Have you got one – a ‘To go project’?  The project you take with you were ever you go. The crochet project can be large or small. I would say a lot of them are on the easy side to do, just to break up the boredom on a long or even a short journey. It has been mentioned on this blog before how some of you out there will not go without one. This ‘To go projet’ was different from a lot of other ones from this house, as it was to use up a lot of yarn from the wife’s stash (happy days).


The story of this to go project starts a while back. The wife is a member of a face book page  called ‘Crocheters Anonymous’. The administrator of the page was asked to do a cal. She said nooo, but the members of the page asked again and again, using gentle persuasion until she gave in.  Next, what to do?  The members of the group were given a few patterns to choose from. Then the vote! A Tunisian cal was chosen (all I know is that you use a long hook for Tunisian crochet).  The wife had never done Tunisan crochet before but had always wanted to do it and the yarn was chosen from THE STASH. Picking the colours which go with each other (the wife is good at that are you?).

Then the fun began a few false starts, a lot of frogging and a lot of muttering of ‘this is hard’.  Then it all fell into place and with the pattern being a continuous repeat the ‘To go project’ was on it’s way. The wife will be the first to admit it was hard going and it was perservance that got her through and a few times she wondered ‘why did I start this’, then she remembered that she had wanted the cal and had voted to do this pattern and on she went.

It was also made a bit easeier as it was the ‘To go project’ which meant it was mostly done in the car while out traveling which meant other things was being done while at home.  Sometimes the wife could be sitting in a carpark somewhere in Northern Ireland working at it when the window of the car was rapped and another lady would want to know what the wife was doing and complement her on her work.  The wife was even heard to say to one lady that she was ‘sick of it and would be glad when it was over’.


I am happy to report that it is now finished and blocked (that is another story which brought tears to the daughters eyes as she was the main blocker for this project and the dog being shouted at as she would walk over the panels as they were drying) and is now sitting over a chair in the porch.

The wife has shared photos of the finished project on facebook and is astounded at the remarks that other crocheters have made.  She thanks each one of them for there lovely comments and is now on the hunt for another ‘To go project’ – hopefully it will be another stash buster, and now that this project is finished she is glad she persevered as she loves it.


The wife has made a project page on Ravelry for all those who were interested in the yarn etc. she used, but we both thought it would be good to also put the yarn and pattern on here and to write this blog about the history of ‘The to go project’.

As the wife used stash yarn all the amounts used are approx. as there was a few half balls used etc.

The pattern that was used was  Timeless Tunisian

The yarn used was Stylecraft Special DK and the colours were

Cream (1005) 300 grams, Cloud Blue (1019) 200 grams, Silver (1203) 200 grams, Bluebell (1082) 200 grams, Parma Violet (1724) 100 grams, Pale Rose (1080) 100 grams, Magenta (1084) 100 grams.

Panels :- A – Cream, B – Cloud Blue, C – Silver, D – Bluebell

Edging:-  First round (D in pattern) Parma Violet, Second round (C in pattern)  Pale Rose, Third round (B in pattern)  Magenta, Fourth round ( A in pattern) Cream

After each panel was finished, the edging was put on the panel and then blocked. The panels were joined once each panel was blocked.





  1. I love reading your blog. Keep up the good work. Some people would think what is he going on about. Only other hookers and their partners will appreciate it.

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