An Experiment

Sometimes the wife just likes to sit down with a hook a ball of yarn and see what develops. These either turn out to be a great idea and she has a smile on her face from ear to ear, other times it is put in a pile which she thinks can be developed into something (this pile is slowly growing).  Then there is the experiments that are either ripped/frogged straight away or banned to the experiment box never to see the light of day again (we will need to get a bigger box soon).

A few weeks ago this happened while the daughter was getting ready to leave for Uni.  She had an idea that she wanted to make an owl.

The yarn and the hook came out and after a few frogging sessions the first little owl was born.


Needless to say I was called to ask what I thought of him, then he was left sitting to see if the daughter would notice him and what she thought.  The daughter walked into the room and squealed with delight, she had fallen in love with him.

This then started a conversation about owls which continued for sometime and the graduation owl was born.  The wife thrilled to bits with her creation decided to put a photo on Facebook. While the wife waited to see how some of her crocheting friends reacted the pattern was starting to form.

Moving forward to this weekend and the graduation owl is created, the daughter has been sent a photo (she’s now 100’s of miles away at Uni) and loves him.

This has been one experiment that has worked – needless to say another one is already being worked on and there has been a lot of frogging!


But that is for another time. The pattern for this experiment can be found by following this link  Graduation Owl or hoovering you mouse over blog at the top of the page and clicking on the Graduation Owl page.


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