KEEP CALM AND CROCHET or get lost in your own little world

Keep calm and crochet is printed on the side of one of her favorite cups, which was given to her by a friend. This saying and others that my wife uses gave me the idea for this blog. There are lots of songs that talk about getting away from it all like, come fly with me, born to run, fast car, we gotta get out of this place to name but a few (I am sure you will know a lot more). There are also lines in songs like “good friends screaming let me out” also “stop the world I want to get off”. They all show us the truth that we all need a place or a hobby to get lost in when things are tough, we just need a break or need to relax.


I like to go walking. The wife sticks to crocheting. I have heard her saying “I have had enough of this I am going to get lost in my crocheting”. Are you the same?  When asked why, the reply comes “it just takes my mind off things” or “when I am concentrating on the crocheting I am thinking about nothing else (making sure there is not too much frogging to be done). When you are crocheting you are in a world fo your own. Peace and contentment reign, troubles fade away for an hour or two or more. To tell you the truth if I could crochet I think there would be even more yarn and hooks than there is now in our house!! There would be no arguing about the price of yarn (I would be getting more, yes MORE in). I have seen the effect that doing some crocheting has on my wife, it is truly calming.


Crocheting is so good at relieving stress and building self-confidence (because you can make things you are proud of) that some prisons have crocheting programs. Colorado Corrections Industries prisons, Colorado and Northwest State Correctional Facility, Vermont to name but two. it is also used in care homes to help the elderly residents to keep their minds active and to relive some boredom at the same time.

So you are all involved in one, if not the best stress busters there is, if you need an excuse to continue with crocheting remember what is in this blog.

The photos I have used in this blog is of a christmas decoration the wife designed and the pattern will be available to buy soon, the other is my wife doing the ‘crochet therapy’. Keep calm and crochet.

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