Month: December 2016


As it is less than a week to go to the big day, the question we ask is am I ready for Christmas? Every one I meet on the street asks me this.  Are you one of these people who has everything done months in advance. When you see a pattern you think that would do for so and so or, do you like me (like most men) leave it to the last minute? Have you ever seen a certain type of yarn and thought I can make one of my friends something with that (giving you a very good reason to buy more yarn). Even though I know to stick to things to do with crocheting, I still asked for pointers this year, so there is more chance of me getting it right!!

The tree is up, the lights are on, the snow flakes are on the tree (the ones my wife crocheted).


Did you do any decorations for the tree or the house? How did they come out? Great I bet. I think the home-made ones are so much better , not because of what they are made of but what they are made with. When you make something it is not always perfect (some times they are). It is what you put into them that makes them special. You put part of yourself into them. Your time, your care, your love and some times blood sweat and tears(the frogging and stitching). I am sure that all the home-made gifts will be appreciated. A machine or a factory worker does them because it is their job, he or she only puts into them the minimum requirements (what they can get away with).


Some of the things that my wife has made have come out even better than she could have imagined (they all look great). It is not the time or place to show you as it will not be a surprise to some of the people who are reading this. I will show the photos at a later date after the big day. There will be more patterns to come to. I know you like it when we give away patterns for free.

I would just like to say thank you, thank you, thank you for reading this blog. Thank you for all your nice comments and kind words. I hope you all have a good Christmas this year and every  year. Happy crocheting.


I ask the question ” another blanket?”, “yes” comes back the reply. “Why?”. “You know why”. Yes I do know why – just this once. Hopefully by now you are asking the same question.  We need to go back about six months, then we were struggling to find room to display or use the latest blanket that my wife had made. It was a lovely blanket, but most of the chairs already had blankets covering them. Do we put it over another blanket or find another spot for it or another blanket?

Little did we know things were about to change in our house, making the blanket situation a little different!! What happened? You ask. We had decided to get another dog nearly a year after the death of our last dog (Odie). We got one from the dog trust in Ballymena. The people at the trust could not tell us much about Ginger’s background or why she had been abandoned. Having seen and heard of the destruction a dog can bring, I had been joking with my wife what she would do if Ginger destroyed one of her creations?  Lets just say I would not want to be in Ginger’s shoes if she did!!  The day arrived when Ginger came to her new home – a little nervous and jumpy (she can still be the same now and again). At first she did not take much notice of the blankets draped over chairs, all this was soon to change. We decided to give her one of the older blankets as Ginger likes her comforts (don’t we all).

This was fine for a while as we had the blanket over the sofa, she would sit on this and wait at the window for unsuspecting callers. Then one day she was not happy with the position of the blanket, so Ginger clawed and pulled at it till she had it in a ball, like a nest, to get herself comfy. ‘Well would you look at that, she just loves her comfort’ (came the response from the wife). She hadn’t caused any damage to the blanket.and this went on for a few weeks, with us even setting it up for her. Then she decided that one blanket was not enough. Once she had one down she started to work on my Star Wars blanket so she could have that one too. At one stage Ginger we thought was  being affectionate, but we soon realised she just wanted me off my seat to get my blanket!!

Then there is the Catherine Wheel blanket which has been mentioned before,


the fun we have had with Ginger while it was being made kept us laughing at times.  Every time it came out Ginger would be over to inspect it and when it was long enough to reach the ground Ginger would lie on it then be shooed off, but would sneak up to get back on it and be shooed off again and again and again………….

The Catherine Wheel  blanket is now finished and the colourway pattern is now available Catherine Wheel Colourway Pattern

Till next time Happy crocheting (keep up the good work), and as for us – we wonder which blanket will be the next one claimed by the blanket thief.