Trackable Geocaching Cushion


Trackable Geocaching Cushion

Crochet is in the UK terminology


Pattern is for an 18” x 18” cushion and is done c2c

Tension done in c2c:- 2” x 2” is 3 rows horizontal and 3 vertical.


Items needed are:-

Stylecraft Special DK in

Saffron approx. 80 grams (258 yards)

Lemon approx. 80 grams (258 yards)

Spring Green approx. 80 grams (258 yards)

Sherbet approx. 80 grams (258 yards)

Black approx. 25 grams (81 yards)

Midnight approx. 30 grams (97 yards)

4.00 mm hook

Needle for weaving in ends

Trackable number or trackable dog tag (if making the cushion trackable)

Cushion 18” x 18”

Front Graph


Yellow = Lemon, Green = Spring Green, Blue = Sherbet, Brown = Saffron, Black = Black

geocaching c2c front

Back Graph


The back graph is basically the same as the front without the logo.  That means the 4 colours are 14 squares vertical and 14 squares horizontal.


The following graph is for the alphabet and numbers if you are adding your tracking code into the crocheting. As each tracking code is different you will have to place each letter and number into the graph yourself.  I put the trackable code in my cushion on the top half leaving one space/vertical row between each letter/number.

If you are just attaching a trackable dog tag this can be attached while you are doing the border or sewn on later.  I used the colour Midnight for the trackable number but this can be changed to any colour you want.


geocaching c2c back



With wrong sides together start at the bottom right hand corner and second row up of c2c using midnight work a row of double crochet up the right side.

Close up border

At corner do 3 double crochets, double crochet along top and at corner make 3 double crochets. Work down left hand side making 3 double crochets in corner, work approx. an inch along bottom.  Put cushion into the cover and finish double crocheting along bottom, make 3 double crochets in corner. Double crochet to start of double crochet and slip stitch into top of first double crochet.  Weave in ends.