Roses, chocolates or yarn??

Yes it’s that time of year again when people show there love to one another by giving a special gift like red roses, Valentines cards etc.


It is also the time that the price of these things goes through roof. What do you like to receive? The red roses, the special box of chocolates or would you prefer a gift of yarn ( the more the better you say)? Would you like all of the above? It could be that you do not need a day to show your love as you do it all the time through the year. So none crocheters lets surprise the ones we love with the gift of yarn, I would love to see some of your faces if that happened. I take it that a lot of you will be giving gifts that are crocheted? My wife was messing (or in her words experimenting with a bit of yarn), and came up with a small pattern of a stuffed heart. Which you can decorate in different ways. Another free pattern for you.  Little Hearts     The wife has made some of them to look like faces of animals, some like dogs and one like a snake (yes a snake). You might not want to give that one as a Valentines day gift!! (unless they like snakes).

One of the hearts looked like ginger our dog (the blanket thief). When the wife showed it to Ginger she didn’t hesitate in putting it in her mouth and it joined her growing collection of comforts!! More of this and Ginger in other blogs to come. If all our gifts are so well accepted we will be doing well. Ginger still carries it to bed with her and keeps looking at us as if to say “what a good girl am I”.Along with more blogs with Ginger as the star there will also be a new character called Mrs Grann e.s.quare. You will be able to follow her on her travels and adventures and see what troubles she gets into.


That’s all for now from the blog that’s keeps on giving (judging from all the down loads on ravelry you just love it).

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