The names Bond, Project Bond

The orignal sentence is ‘The Name is Bond, James Bond’.

It is one of the most iconic sentence from the film world. These words automatically conjure up pictures seen from one of the many great films from Connery to Craig. Who or what do you think of when you think of Bond?  A lot of interest has been generated over the last few days since this project was mentioned, so there are a lot of fans (or should I say you know a lot of fans of Bond). This is not about the films but a project to crochet. The wife and I have gone through the films and picked out iconic item’s/images to represent most of the films, there are still a few items to pick, which means we have to watch more Bond films to figure them out (the things I have to do for this blog!!). Speaking of icons, the first panel is of the iconic seen that is in all the Bond films were Bond shoots his gun.

I know not all of you are into Bond, but all of you are into crocheting. This is what this blog is about. Why another blanket? you ask. If you have been following the blog for a while you will know all about the blanket thief and why we will always need another blanket. You can read all about it in the THE BLANKET THIEF blog. This one will kept away from Ginger.

In this project, there will be a panel for each of the official Bond films (the rogue film Never Say Never Again and the comedy Casino Royale staring Peter Sellers are not in this). 

I must warn all the partners of the crocheters that this is graph work which means that there will be a lot of balls of yarn or pegs with yarn on, you will be called upon to untangle the yarn time and time again!! There was one point when the wife was so tangled that she could not get up from the chair she was sitting on. It was such a mess that Harry Houdini himself would be proud to get out of. So be warned. I cannot complain as it is all for me. All of the patterns for this are free because of the copyright of the Bond films. The wife will be putting the graphs once she has them done on the patterns under The Bond Project the first one is already there waiting for you (it would be nice to see your finished work on the wife’s facebook page 2nd Bench Along). See you next time.



  1. Wow. OK, I am a total beginner but my boyfriend needs this blanket in his life. I am going to learn to crochet specifically so I can do this. I’ve already watched Youtube videos on how to do a chain stitch. Wish me ALL the luck!

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