Daniel Craig is impressed (WELL ALMOST)

The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind, what can I say about them?  The Bond project has gone crazy, with people coming on to the blog site day after day to get the latest free pattern in this series. It is going down a storm in Canada, USA and UK to name but a few places. As the wife has said that’s seven down eighteen to go. She is loving it (good job as she is spending such a long time on it). It is good to know that all her hard work is being appreciated. I appreciate it to (as it is all for me).

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Now on to the title of the blog, (I did say that name – dropping names always helps).  As you see there is a caveat to it!! Well almost?? What was I to think when a small scream came from my wife because a certain person had liked and was impressed with one of the crochet squares which she had shared on instagram. Who was fitnesscheers? and what had he to do with Bond? That turned out to be a lot. His real name is Ivano Cheers and he was the stunt double for non other than Daniel Craig on the latest bond film Spector. So not quite Daniel but close enough right?  I was impressed. Personally I would not have spent as much time looking him up (lots and lots of muscles). The wife took a while to check out who he was, but she insists it was purely for research purposes. She did not join his 23000+ followers.

I would also like to thank the person who shared a way how NOT to get all tangled up when doing the graph work. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Why?, because for the first three or four blocks I was being called time and time again to untangle the wife. I have said before about using pegs as small bobbins for all the bits of yarn you need to do some graphs. The tip is to  attach the pegs to the work you are doing, which makes less tangles. Great tip and simple keep them coming.

Pegs at bottom of work

So it was not quite Daniel Craig this time but who knows maybe next time.


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