Happy St Patrick’s Day from Ireland

St Patrick’s day is here, parades are happening not just here on the wee island but further afield as well.  Here in Ireland it is a bank holiday and a day to either do nothing (I like the sound of that) or to watch a parade or as the wife says a day to herself when she can do nothing except crochet.

This year her crocheting will be another block in ‘The Bond’ blanket.  For those who aren’t aware of ‘The Bond’ blanket click here The Bond Project to find out what I am talking about.  The pile of blocks for ‘The Bond’ blanket is growing and as I speak another is being blocked and will be on the site later today or tomorrow.

Enough of ‘The Bond’ project let’s get back to St Patrick himself.  While the wife crochets I might get a walk.  There will be a lot of people out today walking on the mountain in the photo – why I here you ask, well  the mountain is Slemish and it was the home of St Patrick when he first came to Ireland. ( He was a shepherd on Slemish and tradition has it while he was a shepherd on Slemish he started praying and became a Christian.)

A lot of people go to Slemish today (St Patrick’s day) to climb the mountain and we have been there ourselves on St Patrick’s day for a barbaque which friends of ours had a few years ago.  I can tell you it wasn’t easy to get near the mountain or to get the car parked on that day and with it being March there was a dusting of snow on Slemish (glad I wasn’t going to the top on that day). Life must have been very hard/harsh as a shepherd on the mountain, but the views are magnificent and are well worth a trip to Slemish.

Whatever you do today I hope you have a good day and greetings from here in Ireland.

Slemish covered in snow (2)

Slemish the day we visited it on St Patrick’s day – photo taken by J Byrne.

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