Back to basics

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Do you remember the first thing you crocheted? Did you start with a granny square? Were you amazed at what you could make with just one hook and a little yarn?  Well I can say looking at the projects my wife has done and seen some of the many things others have made by crocheting I am amazed. I would like you to look back in your mind’s eye and think of when it all began. Who did you learn from? Who taught you? Remembering those days with fondness, it could only be a few weeks or months that you have been crocheting. Lets take a moment today to thank the person who introduced you to this wonderful hobby or passion we call crochet. It could be so many years ago that you do not want to count. Thinking about that, who have you taught to crochet? It could be that you see your mission in life is to spread the word, to teach all the world (well all that you meet) to crochet.

The history of crochet is said to start about 1823 no less (knitting came first then they improved it). Everyone who crochets is part of that history. In years to come history will record with the upturn in crafting crochet has come back into fashion with young and not so young picking it up and taking it forward and you are a part of that. Lets push it forward, ok you push it forward and I will blog about it.


Now let me get this right, there are five basic stitches you use and everything stems from them? Is that right? I know nothing so I hope I am right. Now you have mastered the basics why not try a butterfly stitch or a popcorn stitch or even a crocodile stitch (who makes up these names?) It could be you have tried these stitches and some I have not mentioned. Have you invented your own stitch ( I am not talking about something you fudged). The name crochet comes from the old french word which means small hook. From the granny square and beyond keep on crocheting.

The Bond project is still going strong with new people finding out about it all the time (someone from Chile was looking today). We are on the last leg of it , I should say the wife is on the last leg. Which means I only have five to block. This means I am now an expert on blocking. If you have any questions about blocking I am quite willing to offer my advice on this matter. Till the next time.

The Bond Project

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