Mission Accomplished

Bond all joinedIf you did not already know The Bond project is complete. It is finished, done, mission over, mission accomplished, ended, stopped. You now have all you need to make this great blanket for yourself or for that someone special in your life. A chance to show how much you love someone stitch by stitch. Thanks again love. Everything except from the yarn (lots and lots of yarn needed). Some of you will have all the yarn and all the right colours needed for this project. Others will be able to be a bit creative with the colour scheme if you know what I mean!! Others still will see this as the excuse needed to put a big order in for yarn (not that many of you need an excuse).

It took the wife eight weeks to make.

Let me tell you how it all began. My wife wanted to do something for me for our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. She loves crocheting, as you know (and me, I love Bond), as you now know. That was that, so she started the planning of it all, with more precision than any Bond mission I know of. There was all the questions about the Bond films. Some of them she remembered from years ago, she did not need to watch them. Others she had not heard of, which meant she had to watch them (I watched them along with her for moral support of course). The things we have to do for the ones we love right?

Things started at a good steady speed (like most Bond films), because we had all the time in the world right? Then things started to pick up speed, as the project was to be done for Easter. At one point she scared the living daylights out of me by informing me that two parts of the blanket were to be blocked on the same day. I was ok with one every three days, but like one of the famous chases of Bond which got faster and faster ( on snow and roads) which lead to a climax so did this project. Easter is neatly here and the project is finished.

Now starts the hard work of keeping Ginger (the blanket thief off it)!!


Can I have a quick word on blocking and  tension. How can a thing go so wrong? I have had some funny shapes to block. Each block was to be 14in x 15.5in. How come I got measurements from 12in to 16in?

All joking aside I just love it. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU. You have been doing things like this for the last twenty-five years to show your love for me. Lets all share the love and keep crocheting and sharing.

Quantum of Solace

Link to the Bond patterns The Bond Project

Bond Blanket first half

Bond Blanket second half


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