Petrol is a colour!!!

Yes that is right, Petrol is a colour. Up untill recently it was just fuel for the car and lipstick was something in the makeup bag or on someones lips, right? Looking at a recent delivery of yarn for the wife I contemplated the fact that I have had a great education in colours recently. When you are asked to get some yarn out from the stash (you have to be trained to do this as you could be overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of yarn). At one time a few years ago if this was asked of me I would need a very good description as to the exact colour (old school you see, red is red green is green etc,). Now it has got to the stage I know Stone from Parchment, Bottle from Meadow, Lipstick from Matador. With this knowledge comes the realisation that you do need so many different shades to get the exact colour for the project, to get it just right, (I thought it was just a ploy from the yarn companies to get you to purchase more yarn). Thank you dear wife for that education (this is not just an excuse to buy all the shades that Wool Warehouse have).


The question I am now asking is do you see things in multi colours? I can no longer look at things and say that is a nice red top, no-no no!! I now say is that top Tomato or Claret. Saying dark or light blue etc, is just not good enough. Do you look at things in shades? Do you look at yarn and think of the person that would suit best? What can I make for them? Or that is a lovely colour, it would look good as a shawl.

We were on holidays a few weeks ago and yes you guessed it we ended up in a yarn shop!! Do you do the same as my wife who when walking into a yarn shop is like a moth going from light to light or should I say from ball of yarn to ball of yarn (I like to make her happy). Not being able to settle on one type of yarn or colour and with the shop owner there to help us to see all the different colours in each type. We walked out with a bag full, I did say I like to make her happy!!

At the moment my favorite colour is Empire (a lovely shade of blue from Stylecraft), which is strange as I am a Liverpool fan and love all things Red. To end this blog I say get your hooks out hookers and crochet the world a rainbow.yarn

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