Month: February 2018


Do you or your partner use the saying ” don’t leave it at your back side”? The wife says it to me a lot (I know you may think this is hard to believe, or not). OK  I admit it I do from time to time leaving things sitting around, but only because I think that I will need it again soon (or its a lazy day for me). Are you like this or do you keep things neat and tidy all the time? I once visited a friends aunt and as soon as you put your cup down she was up and took it into the kitchen to wash it and put it away. A lot of people like things in order so they can find them quickly when needed. I must say that if I leave something sitting at my backside I know where it is, unless it is moved and put away!! Is that you or your partner? This leads to other questions like what is the difference between a car mag and a ball of yarn? Or a screwdriver and a crochet hook?

Apparently there is a lot of difference between a car mag and a ball of yarn!! One can be left where ever and when ever around the house and the car mag must be put away if you are not reading it, not leaving it at your backside. Does this rule apply in your house? One rule for yarn and crocheting?? Another for my (or your partners) stuff. As the pictures will show there is a lot of leaving yarn, patterns, hooks etc., left at your backside (which is not covered by the don’t leave it at your backside rule). Were as on the other hand there is no proof of tools, mags, etc., seen anywhere. ‘I rest my case me lord’. There are two reasons for this, first I didn’t take any photos of my stuff and secondly I cannot get into the garage or shed (as they are too full of my stuff).

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Another question I have is, do you do any crocheting or knitting at these weekly get-togethers or “work shops”. Or is it just an excuse to drink coffee or tea, eat biscuits or tray bakes, and talk or gossip?? The wife brought home a Dorset button and a bit of Swiss darning (I much prefer Lancashire hot-pot and Irish stew) from the one she went to this week. They were both very nice (there will be a blog about them at another date). I may have to go and do more research on this, or pay one of these things a visit one week.

So to sum up the blog for this week, if you leave your crocheting at your backside, expect your partner to leave things at there’s (that is my excuse and I am sticking to it). Keep up the good work and keep on crocheting.


Yes folks it is that time of year again when you must take time out of your busy schedule and tell some one you love them (here is something different why not tell them as often as you can?). Valentine’s day is the time when things like flowers and certain gifts go up in price for a week or so. Still it is a good as time as any to say dear I love you. There are certain thing’s you associate with Valentine’s day like flowers, chocolates, cards and jewellery. Some of the lucky ones will get a ring, some will be expecting it others not. In Ireland there is a certain ring that is connected with love and the expression of love, that ring is called the Claddagh ring. Let me give you a quick history of the ring.

The Claddagh ring, if you have not seen a Claddagh ring they are usually gold with two hands holding a heart with a crown on top. The crown represents loyalty the heart represents love and the hands represents friendship. The tradition of this ring is said to have started in a fishing village called Claddagh near Galway…. The ring was first made in the 1600’s.  There is lots of speculation as to who first designed the Claddagh ring with Bartholomew Fallon and Richard Joyce to name but two. They are given as friendship rings, but mostly as engagement and wedding rings. It is also tradition in some families for a mother to give it to a daughter when she comes of age (as a sign of love from the mother to the daughter). This is what my wife did (although this is not a tradition in either of our family’s) when our daughter reached 18. She now wears it with pride as the wife gave it to her quoting the rhyme/poem that is associated with the ring –

With my hands I give you my heart

and crown it with my love.


There is also a tradition of were the ring is worn it shows the person who is wearing it there relationship status

  1. On the right hand with the point of the heart toward the fingertips: the wearer is single and may be looking for love.
  2. On the right hand with the point of the heart toward the wrist: the wearer is in a relationship.
  3. On the left hand with the point of the heart toward the fingertips: the wearer is engaged.
  4. On the left hand with the point of the heart toward the wrist: the wearer is married.

There you go all you wanted to know about the ring. There is another reason for this blog and it is a free pattern just for you (I know you love the free patterns). I hope you give and receive all that you wish this valentine’s day and congratulations to all that got a ring this time. Keep on spreading the word and keep on crocheting.

Claddagh Ring Cushion

Cushion 2