Top of the world ma (I mean Grann E)

The question is have you been taking your crochet to strange or interesting places? Mrs Grann E.S. Quare has been on another holiday and has been to the top of the world.  When I say top of the world I mean the top of Ireland or the highest place in Ireland. That place is Carrauntoohil, the highest mountain in Ireland at 1038 meters or 3406 feet.  A wooden cross was erected on the summit, a privately owned commonage, in the 1950s by the local community. In 1976 it was replaced by a 5 m (16 feet) tall steel cross. In 2014, the cross was cut down by unknown persons in protest against the catholic church, but it was re-erected shortly after.

Depending how fit you are it can take as little as two hours to get to the top, it took me and Mrs Grann over four hours. Still having her photo at the top is one of the most famous or iconic places in Ireland to do (well that is what the local guide was telling his group of Americans at the top). I must say it was a slog to get to the top. One of the quickest and shortest ways is to go up by the ‘devils ladder’.  This is a gully full of big boulders and smaller loose stones. It is said that it is getting harder and harder to climb because of all the people climbing up it making the stones loser and loser.

Corran Tauthill 7

This is one of the things on Mrs Grann E.S Quare bucket list (things to do before you die or get frogged). We got to the car park nice and early or so we thought, (there were already ten cars and vans parked and away up). While we were getting ready for the climb there were two cars full of ‘young bucks’ pulled up, most of them just in shorts and trainers carrying a bottle of water each. Grann was not impressed (even less impressed when they passed us coming back down, when we were only half way up the devils ladder). The views were amazing (the photos do not do it justice). we had a lot of time to appreciate them every time we stopped to take on water  (lots and lots of water) or catch our breath. The weather was nice and sunny and in the 20F. It was a slog at times but worth it in the end. That is another thing off the bucket list, I have told her she is on her own when she goes bungee jumping!!

Corran Tauthill 14

I must admit I could not see even the harden of you taking your crochet with you up to the top of Carrauntoohil. Is there any where you have taken your crocheting that if you told us it would be heard to believe? Mind you having heard so many stories about stashes and yarn road trips, also having gone on holiday to return with even more yarn (I swear she can smell a yarn shop over a mile away) it may not be to hard to believe. To all other hookers widowers, I know what you go through and we should all stick together. Then we can help and support each other.

To all the crocheters out there keep up the good work. To all the other half you can call me any time for help!! Keep on crocheting and giving me things to write about.

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