They are in good company.

The title is different from the one I started with. I first used the title you are in good company and then thought about it. When we look at the rich and famous we mostly, if not all have the mind-set that they are better or special compared to us!! That is why I changed the title. Famous people are famous because of us (the general pubic). The ones that have the longest careers are the ones who know they are in a privileged position. You can soon go off someone if they are arrogant to the people who made them famous in the first place.

I decided to look and see which famous people crochet. Did you know some (most) search engines on the internet think knitting and crochet are the same (I know you say how can they?). In 2013 a certain Katie Parry admitted she had taken up crocheting in the evening to calm herself down after a gig before bed (does she still have time for it now?). Madonna is supposed to be a big fan. Have you heard of famous people who crochet? It is said the great Aretha Franklin was a crocheter (I had started writing this blog before Aretha passed away and like so many of you it was a sad day when she passed, we have so many memories of her songs and admired Aretha as a person for what she believed in). Bette Midler also is said to crochet. It seems a lot of singers are crocheters. There is also a few actors who crochet like Meryl Streep, Debra Messing and Jane Seymour to name a few. So if you bump into any of these celebrities you will know what to talk about.

The question is who else crochets? How long is the list, are any of your idols or heroes crocheters? Are you theirs? I and many others are amazed at what can and is designed and made by all who crochet. Some of the things made are stunning and they make you question how on earth was that made and it so beautiful it stops and makes you look twice? To some it is easy to think of ideas, make them and then write a pattern! Are you one of them? If you are it could be that one of these stars are doing one of your patterns right now and are saying to themselves “how do people write these great patterns”.

Did you know that it is very fashionable to wear crochet garments over the last few years (the celebs have caught up with you the trend setter). In the sixty’s people like Lulu and Paul McCartney along with many others wore crocheted clothes, because it was the height of fashion. As they say what go’s around comes around and fifty years later they are back in fashion with lots of well-known designers using crochet again. It is so popular in fact that there are web sites who just publish photos of celebrities in things that are crocheted, from hats to slippers!! You are the trend setters so keep on setting those trends.

Till next time, keep on crocheting those fabulous things and keep adding to the list of famous people who love to crochet. As someone once said ‘all I need is a hook, some yarn and lots of chocolate’.

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