Mrs Grann E S quare goes to Narnia (Belfast)!!!!

When Grann said she was going on a trip, I was not that bothered about going untill she said she was off to Narnia. That defiantly got my curiosity and interest going. What! Where did you say (the ears these days can miss hearing things). Getting on a bit you see. I said I am off to see Jack (C.S. Lewis to none locals) in Narnia. Have you got the wardrobe then?? No we are going in the car to Belfast. Belfast is not that magical to me, but to smaller eyes at certain times of the year it can be.

We arrived in Belfast early afternoon and parked up close to C.S. Lewis square When I say we I mean me, Grann, Ginger (the blanket thief) and the wife (who did not need much persuading after the mention of cappuccino and ice-cream). It was a nice sunny afternoon which was a nice surprise in its self. As Grann can get a bit excited when she goes out (she does not get out that much these days), there was no time for sitting around so off we went to explore. The first thing we saw was the big man himself (Aslan), keeping a watchful eye over all the visitors.

Aslan 1

For those of you may not know Grann much, she is one of those people who does not go looking for trouble, but trouble always finds her. After warning her about who to trust and who not to trust, also warning about the turkish delight Grann went on ahead. Around the corner she went and bumped into Mr and Mrs Beaver, when we caught up Grann insisted that we take a photo of her with them both. The smile on her face was like a Cheshire cats grin. So far so good I thought, Grann was managing to stay out of trouble (a first for her), but the day was not over yet. On she went right into trouble!!


The next time we saw her Grann was eating from the palm of somebody’s hand none other than the Snow Queen (curse the pull of Turkish Delight). Grann had just ignored all we said, she does act like a child.

Ice Princess 3

We ran to her rescue to no avail, it was too late she had been thrown to the wolves. The next thing we saw was Mrs Grann E. S. Quare flying through the air towards the open mouth of the wolf. To find out what happened to Mrs Grann E. S. Quare read the next blog!! (cliff hanger).

Wolf 3

Now on to my next topic?? Only joking. As the picture shows Grann ended up in the mouth of the wolf, what could we do? We started waving our arms about and shouting (we looked a pair of eejits). This was part of the plan, to distract the wolf so Mr Tumnus could rescue her. It worked despite our best efforts. All ends happily as in most stories. We had a great time at C.S. Lewis square – a nice place to visit. There was a coach load of tourist visited while we were there.  If you are ever in Belfast why not call in?

Mr Tumnus 3

Petrol is a colour!!!

Yes that is right, Petrol is a colour. Up untill recently it was just fuel for the car and lipstick was something in the makeup bag or on someones lips, right? Looking at a recent delivery of yarn for the wife I contemplated the fact that I have had a great education in colours recently. When you are asked to get some yarn out from the stash (you have to be trained to do this as you could be overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of yarn). At one time a few years ago if this was asked of me I would need a very good description as to the exact colour (old school you see, red is red green is green etc,). Now it has got to the stage I know Stone from Parchment, Bottle from Meadow, Lipstick from Matador. With this knowledge comes the realisation that you do need so many different shades to get the exact colour for the project, to get it just right, (I thought it was just a ploy from the yarn companies to get you to purchase more yarn). Thank you dear wife for that education (this is not just an excuse to buy all the shades that Wool Warehouse have).


The question I am now asking is do you see things in multi colours? I can no longer look at things and say that is a nice red top, no-no no!! I now say is that top Tomato or Claret. Saying dark or light blue etc, is just not good enough. Do you look at things in shades? Do you look at yarn and think of the person that would suit best? What can I make for them? Or that is a lovely colour, it would look good as a shawl.

We were on holidays a few weeks ago and yes you guessed it we ended up in a yarn shop!! Do you do the same as my wife who when walking into a yarn shop is like a moth going from light to light or should I say from ball of yarn to ball of yarn (I like to make her happy). Not being able to settle on one type of yarn or colour and with the shop owner there to help us to see all the different colours in each type. We walked out with a bag full, I did say I like to make her happy!!

At the moment my favorite colour is Empire (a lovely shade of blue from Stylecraft), which is strange as I am a Liverpool fan and love all things Red. To end this blog I say get your hooks out hookers and crochet the world a rainbow.yarn

The beat, sorry Bond goes on.

The popularity of the Bond project goes on and on. Who would have thought that when it was started it would be so popular? People are still looking and getting the patterns to do it. Someone from the USA looked at the patterns eighty times in one day!! We knew the patterns were good and we are thrilled that it has impressed a lot of different people.

We got a lovely message from Jennifer Hart-Bilmer with a photo of her finished blanket which looks great. this is the reason why Jennifer made it. ‘My dad is a huge James Bond fan. As soon as I seen the first square I knew I had to make it for him. There is a lot of work and love in this afghan and it was worth it! Thank you for sharing your awesome graphs. You did a fantastic job making them!’ 😊

This is such a lovely story, I hope you dad likes it (I am sure he will). When you get messages like this, it makes all the hard work worth while. All the hard work the wife did that is. If there is any one else who would like to share please do. Thanks once again for all the comments and likes.

Also this week we were messaged by Ivano Cheers who was the stunt double for Daniel Craig in the latest bond film, thanking me for mentioning him in the blog called Daniel Craig is impressed (well almost). Ivano thinks it is a nice post, so if Daniel is not impressed Ivano is. Ivano is filming a film of his own at the moment (I hope it is a success). It was good to hear from him. You can see more of him on Facebook or Instagram. So you never know who is watching you or reading your blog.

Until the next time happy hooking.

Mrs Grann E. S. Quare goes traveling

Yes you heard me right Mrs Grann E. S. Quare goes traveling or should I say where is the most interesting or strangest place your crocheting has been? You are going to see some of the places that Grann has been with me these last few weeks. You will also hear over the next few months about some of her exploits and about some of the funny or strange places she has been.  Do you take your crocheting with you? Has it been by the pool?, or on a stunning beach? (please let us all know).

Mrs G Square Ballyliffen 1

I have been thinking about this for a few months now, about writing something different to hopefully keep you all reading and looking at the blog. To give you something that is out of the ordinary to think about, so you don’t get bored with some of my blog posts. I heard recently on Facebook or was it a craft channel ( I cannot remember), to always have a crochet hook or two with you just in case an opportunity arises to crochet. I thought wait a minute, what planet is she on? Why?, because I know of lots of crocheters who would never leave the house without the latest project or THE CROCHETING BAG.

I don’t need much room for Mrs Grann, she fits nicely into a pocket or bag and can go anywhere.

Where has Mrs Grann E.S. Quare been recently? Mrs Grann has been on her holidays to beautiful Donegal in the south of Ireland. Which she thought was very strange, because we had to go north from where we are in Northern Ireland to get to the south of Ireland  (only in Ireland). The photos show Grann on the beaches on top of mountains or hills. She also visited the site of a Wellington Bomber crash but it was too windy  for her to get out of her mode of transport (my bag). Which left her thinking are we wise??  You have to go to these out of way places for the spectacular views. One of the places Grann visited is a place called Malin were part of Star Wars VIII was filmed, with more being filmed later this year. It is a lovely place as you can see from the photos.

Summer is on its way, the weather is getting better and the sun is coming out. It is time to get outside and take your crocheting with you. I hope your tension is always right and you get as much praise and appreciation as you deserve.

Hopefully there will be more photos of Mrs Grann E S Quare soon (she has even got her own heading on the pages for you to go straight to so see where she has been).

Before I go I better mention the wife did of course take at least one crochet project with her on our holidays to Donegal (notice I said at least 1, I think there was 3 that came with us).  Anyway as some of you know and have been waiting patiently for our return and to get back into routine the Art Nouveau project is now in full swing.  The pattern for the Iris cushion is now on sale and she is busy crocheting the Tulip, she has made a page under patterns to keep you all up to date when the next block is done.  Art Nouveau Project

I think that is all for now, hope you are all having wonderful weather as what we are having.

Tullymore 1

Mission Accomplished

Bond all joinedIf you did not already know The Bond project is complete. It is finished, done, mission over, mission accomplished, ended, stopped. You now have all you need to make this great blanket for yourself or for that someone special in your life. A chance to show how much you love someone stitch by stitch. Thanks again love. Everything except from the yarn (lots and lots of yarn needed). Some of you will have all the yarn and all the right colours needed for this project. Others will be able to be a bit creative with the colour scheme if you know what I mean!! Others still will see this as the excuse needed to put a big order in for yarn (not that many of you need an excuse).

It took the wife eight weeks to make.

Let me tell you how it all began. My wife wanted to do something for me for our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. She loves crocheting, as you know (and me, I love Bond), as you now know. That was that, so she started the planning of it all, with more precision than any Bond mission I know of. There was all the questions about the Bond films. Some of them she remembered from years ago, she did not need to watch them. Others she had not heard of, which meant she had to watch them (I watched them along with her for moral support of course). The things we have to do for the ones we love right?

Things started at a good steady speed (like most Bond films), because we had all the time in the world right? Then things started to pick up speed, as the project was to be done for Easter. At one point she scared the living daylights out of me by informing me that two parts of the blanket were to be blocked on the same day. I was ok with one every three days, but like one of the famous chases of Bond which got faster and faster ( on snow and roads) which lead to a climax so did this project. Easter is neatly here and the project is finished.

Now starts the hard work of keeping Ginger (the blanket thief off it)!!


Can I have a quick word on blocking and  tension. How can a thing go so wrong? I have had some funny shapes to block. Each block was to be 14in x 15.5in. How come I got measurements from 12in to 16in?

All joking aside I just love it. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU. You have been doing things like this for the last twenty-five years to show your love for me. Lets all share the love and keep crocheting and sharing.

Quantum of Solace

Link to the Bond patterns The Bond Project

Bond Blanket first half

Bond Blanket second half

Back to basics

meadow 2

Do you remember the first thing you crocheted? Did you start with a granny square? Were you amazed at what you could make with just one hook and a little yarn?  Well I can say looking at the projects my wife has done and seen some of the many things others have made by crocheting I am amazed. I would like you to look back in your mind’s eye and think of when it all began. Who did you learn from? Who taught you? Remembering those days with fondness, it could only be a few weeks or months that you have been crocheting. Lets take a moment today to thank the person who introduced you to this wonderful hobby or passion we call crochet. It could be so many years ago that you do not want to count. Thinking about that, who have you taught to crochet? It could be that you see your mission in life is to spread the word, to teach all the world (well all that you meet) to crochet.

The history of crochet is said to start about 1823 no less (knitting came first then they improved it). Everyone who crochets is part of that history. In years to come history will record with the upturn in crafting crochet has come back into fashion with young and not so young picking it up and taking it forward and you are a part of that. Lets push it forward, ok you push it forward and I will blog about it.


Now let me get this right, there are five basic stitches you use and everything stems from them? Is that right? I know nothing so I hope I am right. Now you have mastered the basics why not try a butterfly stitch or a popcorn stitch or even a crocodile stitch (who makes up these names?) It could be you have tried these stitches and some I have not mentioned. Have you invented your own stitch ( I am not talking about something you fudged). The name crochet comes from the old french word which means small hook. From the granny square and beyond keep on crocheting.

The Bond project is still going strong with new people finding out about it all the time (someone from Chile was looking today). We are on the last leg of it , I should say the wife is on the last leg. Which means I only have five to block. This means I am now an expert on blocking. If you have any questions about blocking I am quite willing to offer my advice on this matter. Till the next time.

The Bond Project

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Happy St Patrick’s Day from Ireland

St Patrick’s day is here, parades are happening not just here on the wee island but further afield as well.  Here in Ireland it is a bank holiday and a day to either do nothing (I like the sound of that) or to watch a parade or as the wife says a day to herself when she can do nothing except crochet.

This year her crocheting will be another block in ‘The Bond’ blanket.  For those who aren’t aware of ‘The Bond’ blanket click here The Bond Project to find out what I am talking about.  The pile of blocks for ‘The Bond’ blanket is growing and as I speak another is being blocked and will be on the site later today or tomorrow.

Enough of ‘The Bond’ project let’s get back to St Patrick himself.  While the wife crochets I might get a walk.  There will be a lot of people out today walking on the mountain in the photo – why I here you ask, well  the mountain is Slemish and it was the home of St Patrick when he first came to Ireland. ( He was a shepherd on Slemish and tradition has it while he was a shepherd on Slemish he started praying and became a Christian.)

A lot of people go to Slemish today (St Patrick’s day) to climb the mountain and we have been there ourselves on St Patrick’s day for a barbaque which friends of ours had a few years ago.  I can tell you it wasn’t easy to get near the mountain or to get the car parked on that day and with it being March there was a dusting of snow on Slemish (glad I wasn’t going to the top on that day). Life must have been very hard/harsh as a shepherd on the mountain, but the views are magnificent and are well worth a trip to Slemish.

Whatever you do today I hope you have a good day and greetings from here in Ireland.

Slemish covered in snow (2)

Slemish the day we visited it on St Patrick’s day – photo taken by J Byrne.