The Bond Project

The Idea

A few months ago, (in the last months of 2016) I started thinking about making another blanket/afghan for my hubbie.  I already had made him a Star Wars blanket but this has now been claimed by the blanket thief (see the blog piece with the same name if you don’t know who the blanket thief is).  The blanket thief will more than likely claim this one as well but the challenge of making it is sparing me on as at the minute as my favourite items to make is anything to do with a graph (again see different blog posts for items already made).

The challenge of drawing something or taking a photo and turning it into a graph has endless possibilities for me and my project book is starting to be crammed full of drawings, notes, designs of future projects (I don’t have enough hours in the day to make them).


There is 2 of these designs/ideas that are winning my attention at the minute – The Bond Project and the other one (I won’t mention yet as it may not come to a final project and if it does it will be a paid pattern as I try to balance free with paid).

To get back to Bond, this year I decided to take it further than an idea and made a list in my project book of all the Bond films made by the same company (24).  From there I thought this may work, if I use all these films and the iconic image used in all ‘The Bond’ films. The first graph was made (the easy one) and now the project has started and gathering speed.

What I plan to do is to take something of significance from each film and turn it into a graph (I use Stitch Fiddle to turn them into graphs), the item chosen is something which my husband and I thought was significant in each film.  This then, when all the graphs have been made into the same size of panel/block and when joined together will make a king size blanket/afghan.

Sizes, tension, terminology and more

Now that the project has started a few basic things need to guide myself and those who want to do the graphs these need to be written down.

Crochet Terminology

As I live in Northern Ireland I use the UK crochet terminology.

All graphs have been done in double crochet (this is single crochet in USA crochet terminology.


Tension changes from person to person and changes during each person’s crocheting.

I have used a 4mm hook, double knitting yarn and my 4 inch x 4-inch tension square is 17 stitches x 20 rows.


A King Size bed is 5’ 6” x 6’.  The finished size of the blanket/afghan will be bigger than this to drape over the sides of the bed.

Each panel/block when crocheted will be approx. 12.75” x 15” which when blocked will be 14” x 15.5”

Yarn Used

I am using Stylecraft Special DK.  Each panel/block will have the colours used and amount needed on the page for the graph/pattern.  I have done this as I know a lot of people will only want to do certain graphs/pattern to make to their own size.

To do the full blanket click on Yarn Needed For Full Blanket

Keep in touch

I would love to see photos of your final graphs/blocks, if there is something you do not understand or need to ask me a question you can contact me via the blog or via my facebook page 2nd Bench Along (this is the name I have for my stores on Etsy, Ravelry and Craftsy).  I would love you to like my facebook page and to make posts with photos of your work, I also can be messaged via the facebook page. The facebook page is where I will make any announcements.


I think I have mentioned everything that I need to, now onto the graphs/patterns.  I have listed below the films plus the iconic image used with the Bond films. Once I have made the graph/pattern for that film the title will turn to red which will take you to the graph/pattern.  The graphs/patterns are not being done in the order I have put them in as some of them will take a bit more time to sort than others.  I have listed them in date order of film made with the iconic image in the middle as this is (so far) the way I am thinking of making them up into the blanket/afghan.

All that is left for me to say (I think) is I hope you enjoy the graphs/patterns and you enjoy your journey in making them and the satisfaction of the accomplishment achieved when it is done.


 Joining and Border