Tomorrow Never Dies

You will need:-

Stylecraft Special DK Mustard (1823) 75 grams (222 meters – 242 yards)

Stylecraft Special DK Silver (1203) 20 grams (60 meters – 66 yards)

Stylecraft Special DK Black (1002) 20 grams (60 meters – 66 yards)

4mm hook


The graph is 51 dc stitches (UK terminology) and 65 rows.

To make the graph, chain 52 stitches in Mustard and start the graph at the bottom right hand corner at row 1, the 1st stitch being in the 2nd chain from hook (this is the right side of your work). Row 2 is started with 1 chain which is your first stitch in the graph and follow the graph from the bottom left hand side at row 2 (this is the wrong side of your work).

Continue working up the graph to the top.


Once you have finished the graph make a border around the block using Mustard.

With right side facing make a chain 3rd post up from bottom right hand corner, make 1 dc in each post going up the right hand side, make 3 dc’s at corner, 1 dc in each stitch along top edge, 3 dc’s at corner, 1 dc in each post down left hand side, 3 dc’s at corner, 1 dc in each stitch along bottom, 3 dc’s in corner, 1 dc in next 2 posts, slip stitch into first chain.

Do another row of dc’s around block starting with a chain and making 3 dc’s in each corner finishing with a slip stitch into starting chain.

Finish of and weave in all ends.

Your finished work will have 53 stitches across top and bottom and 71 stitches along each side.

Block to a size of 14” x 15.5”

Tomorrow Never Dies - Stitch Fiddle